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Blog | ORGANIC HANDMADE SOAP For sensitive skin and other skin conditions.

The desire for a healthy, glowing and irritation-free skin is a common phenomenon regardless of gender and age. Most people needing soap specially made for sensitive skin or other skin conditions don't know where to start or how to make this desire into a reality.

Natural organic handmade soap is the solution for a healthy skin - regardless of your age. Different soaps do better for different skin ailments and sensitivities, so it is important to know which one to select for your personal needs.

Read below many other benefits and see how the soaps below can help your sensitive skin!

1. Sensitive or Scaly Skin or Scalp? Use True Soap!

Commonly used, store-bought soaps are culprits in leaving skin dry, itchy and irritated. Loaded with synthetic ingredients and artificial chemicals, these soaps rarely hold up to what they are supposed to be. In addition, many commercial soaps use harsh substances which cause allergic breakouts, dryness and other skin conditions. Whereas natural organic soap bars are made with beneficial oils, fatty acids, lye and water. These natural ingredients cleanse the skin without upsetting the PH levels.  The same applies to most dry scalp and dandruff issues. By using an Organic Shampoo Bar, you can eliminate dryness, all while keeping your scalp hydrated.

2. Ingredients Matter when looking for Handmade Artisan Soap!

Ingredients make any skin care product either a holy grail or a big fail. Handmade organic soaps or handmade artisan soap are made using organic ingredients, containing all the benefits required to leave the skin feeling soft, supple and nourished.

Made with rich fatty acids, essential oils, natural butters, extracts and water, handmade organic soaps relieve the skin from dryness and itchiness, keeping skin conditions like eczema and psoriases in control.

Many people who have switched to organic handmade soaps swear by and recommend them to anyone desiring a healthy skin.

3. Natural Glycerin

A natural moisturizing agent like honey, glycerin, traps and creates moisture in the skin. It’s a byproduct created during the soap making process and is removed and sold separately by commercial soap makers. This gives mass-produced soaps a higher tendency to cause dryness and itchiness. But curators who make handmade organic soap retain the glycerin in the soap to hydrate and leave the skin supple for longer periods of time. All our Handmade Artisan Soap and Organic Shampoo Bar products come naturally balanced – without all the wonderful ingredients removed your body needs.

4. Environment Friendly

Natural soap makers are usually small scale, producing locally without creating huge amounts of pollution. Mass producers, on the other hand, create chemical run-off which damages and pollutes water resources. Buying local handmade organic soaps also ensures you are buying ethically produced products where no human or animal was harmed during the production process.

5. Various Options

Different kinds of skin have different kinds of need to stay healthy. Which means one kind of soap will not sufficiently meet all the needs of every skin type. Mass production of soap usually means only a few types of soap, and those too do not address many skin types. But handmade organic soaps make it easy to create countless variations with subtle changes. Handmade organic soap is produced using a wide range of essential oils, herbs, fragrances, fruit extracts, waxes, butters and more to create the perfect blend for a particular skin type. For example, extremely dry skin would require extra hydration, which you can get by using soap with extra essential oils and butters. While there are many natural ingredients available for those needing Skin Tightening Soap

Counting these benefits and more, natural organic handmade soaps are the better choice for your desired healthy skin.

Browse our many organic soap and shampoo products today! Start your journey now and give your skin the love it deserves.