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Our names are Christopher & Theresa Gress. We live in Oklahoma, but have come from many other states as well. Both of us try to incorporate all we can in our lives that will better our health. I have owned and operated greenhouses since 2001. Chris is an Army Medic and I am an Army nurse currently with a Masters degree but working on my Doctorate for family and acute care nurse practitioner. We have two children, a dog and a cat. In growing these plants we hope to enrich the lives of others as much as our lives have been enriched. I studied Master Herbalism and Healing modalities years ago and it has carried on in how we live our lives. 

It is from this background that I became interested in soaps, and how they can help naturally with many skin ailments. Our handmade artisan soaps for sensitive skin have helped many clients reach their goal of clearer, healthy skin at a fraction of the cost of medical treatments - and of course being all natural - a much safer alternative. We also offer many other natural soap options - like shampoo and deodorant soaps. All without the harsh chemicals of over the counter soaps. 

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