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Lip Exfoliation and Extreme Moisture Balm

Price: $8.00 Per Container

Qty  Container

Dry skin on our lips interferes with our smile, our kisses and womens application of lip color. This product is small, but packed full of what your lips need to remedy dry skin. You apply a small amount and rub on lips for about thirty seconds. It first serves to break up all that dry skin with the natural use of Himalayan mineral salt. then you lick your lips to clear the coarse mineral and you are left with an intense film of moisture that you can't stop feeling. The Eucalyptus and Savory herb mixed in bees wax and coconut oil serve several purposes that can help prevent or heal different ailments that affect the lips. This includes cold sores, dry cracks, burns, fever blisters, and much more. Savory and Himalayan mineral salt is really good for your digestive tract so lick away! The individuals that have tested it say their lips feel like velvet, it plumps them up with extreme moisture, they have a more natural smile, and they can't stop playing with their lips. 

When you are done with this process, if you want to apply lip color, simply wipe off and apply your favorite color.