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Deodorant Bar with Spearmint & Tea tree OilDeodorant Bar with Spearmint & Tea tree Oil

Deodorant Bar with Spearmint & Tea tree Oil

Price: $12.00 Per Bar

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We sell three types of deodorant bars. Peppermint, light lavender, and spearmint. They all deodorize and they all have activated charcoal from burnt coconut shells, but the lavender is for sensitive skin. This bar is a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, oatmeal, activated charcoal and some oatmeal for scrubbing. It is used in the armpits while showering or bathing to neutralize odors. At least ten people have tested this product and have said they were able to completely go without deodorant until the next day-or longer, even after exercising. This was based on half women and half men of different ages. Tea Tree Oil has many added benefits but also aids in infections that can plague sensitive areas, soothing, drying and healing properties.

Being able to find an alternative to traditional deodorant has become increasingly important with the risk of Breast Cancer. Try this bar and tell us what you think!

The overall comments on this bar is "I am addicted to it, the peppermint rejuvenates me!"-Courtney NP, "I can't believe it!"-Marc electrician. "I have gone three days without needing deodorant!"-Jordan new truck salesperson. Then there is me, I live by this and have not worn deodorant since my early twenties. I am now forty and people are constantly smelling my armpits in disbelief when I tell them I haven't showered in a few days. For active people, this really works!